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Tuesday 12. 12. 2017

16:00 Arrival and Registration
  (German Primate Center, Kellnerweg 4)
18:00 Welcome and Introduction
  Peter Kappeler
18:30 Opening lecture:
  The evolution and structure of complex animal societies
  Dustin Rubenstein
19:30 Reception and Icebreaker
21:00 Departure shuttle bus



Wednesday 13. 12. 2017

09:00 Simple factors can underpin social network structure and complex patterns of social behavior
  Damien Farine
09:45 Variation in interaction, fission-fusion dynamics and social complexity
  Filippo Aureli
10:30 Morning coffee & tea
11:00 Understanding the relationship between social complexity and communication
  Thore Bergman
11:45 Expanding the links between communicative and social complexity
  Louise Peckre, Peter Kappeler & Claudia Fichtel
12:00 The complex behavioural landscape of cooperatively hunting species
  Stephen DJ Lang & Damien R Farine
12:15 Behavioural individuality in clonal fish arises despite near-identical rearing conditions
  Kate L Laskowski, David Bierbach & Max Wolf
12:30 The impacts of familiarity on group foraging behaviour
  Carolina Doran, Kate L Laskowski & David Bierbach
12:45 Repeated social disturbances affect the dynamics of group behaviour in a colonial bird
  Adriana Maldonado-Chaparro, Gustavo Alarcon-Nieto, James Klarevas, Jake Graving & Damien Farine
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Self Organization and social complexity in primates
  Charlotte Hemelrijk
15:00 Behavioral kin biases and primate social complexity
  Oliver Schülke & Julia Ostner
15:15 What drives what happens next? Using relational event modelling to investigate temporal social dynamics in grooming in macaques.
  Julie Duboscq
15:30 Afternoon coffee & tea with Poster Demonstrations
16:00 Female control of male’s paternity recognition in cooperatively polyandrous fish: A female role for formation of this social complexity in vertebrates

Masanori Kohda, Li N, L Alex Jordan & Satoshi Awata

 16:15 Redirected aggression as a conflict management tactic in the social cichlid fish
  Nobuyuki Kutsukake & Munehiko H Ito
 16:30 Social bonds predict dynamics of dominance status in societies of spotted hyenas
  Eli D Strauss & Kay E Holekamp
 16:45 Does sociality explain brain size?
  Sue Healy
18:00 Departure shuttle bus



Thursday 14. 12. 2017

09:00 What constitutes ‘social complexity’ and ‘social intelligence’ in birds? Lessons from ravens
  Thomas Bugnyar, Jorg Massen, Palmyre Boucherie & Matthias-Claudio Loretto
09:45 Phylogenies and social complexity
  Emília P. Martins & Jesualdo A. Fuentes-G.
10:30 Morning coffee & tea with Poster Demonstrations
11:00 Evolution of social complexity in mammals
  Susanne Shultz, James Falcous, Chris Venditti & Dieter Lukas
11:45 Social complexity and kinship in animal societies
  Tim Clutton-Brock & Dieter Lukas
12:00 Life history and kinship structure in social mammals
  Dieter Lukas & Tim Clutton-Brock
12:15 The how and why of complex social behavior: synthesis across Tinbergen’s levels of analysis
  Karen M. Kapheim
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Social complexity, group complexity and the organization of work in insect societies
  Jennifer Fewell
15:00 Bumblebee social network analysis and the effects of pesticides on colony dynamics
  Sam Duckerin, Richard James & Seirian Sumner 
15:15 Do food-sharing vampire bats perform reciprocity?
  Gerald G. Carter
15:30 Afternoon coffee break
16:00 Kinship, association and social complexity in bats
  Gerald Wilkinson, Gerald Carter, Gloriana Chaverri, Linus Gunther, Gerald Kerth, Frieder Mayer, Jackie Metheny, Martina Nagy, Krista Patriquin & Charles Weko
16:45 Measuring social complexity in whales and dolphins, and more generally
  Hal Whitehead
18:00 Departure shuttle bus



Friday 15. 12. 2017

09:00 The evolution of cultural complexity in the hominin lineage
  Carel P. van Schaik
09:45 Modeling collective action and the institutionalized leadership in small-scale societies
  Sergey Gavrilets & Luke Glowacki
10:30 Morning coffee break
11:00 A comparative study of pastoralists’ cooperation networks shows a complex interplay of reliance on social groups and family members
  Matthew Gwynfryn Thomas, Juan Du, Bård-Jørgen Bårdsen, Marius Warg Næss & Ruth Mace
11:45 Complex social dynamics shape cognition and cooperation
  Jeffrey R. Stevens
12:00 How sociality influence novelty response and exploration
  Sofia Forss, Sonja Koski & Carel van Schaik
12:15 Social inheritance and the dynamics of social networks
  Amiyaal Ilany
12:30 Consistent behavioral variability in individual participation in group encounters
  Flavia Koch, Tyler Bonnell, Christopher Young, Rachel Stokes, Louise Barrett & Peter Henzi
12:45 Macaques' understanding of their own social complexity: how and why
  Gabriele Schino, Eugenia Polizzi di Sorrentino, Julia Fischer & Barbara Tiddi
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Quantifying Social Complexity
  Julia Fischer, Max Farnworth, Holger Sennhenn-Reulen & Kurt Hammerschmidt
14:30 The economic decision to recruit competitors to food sources
  Friederike Hillemann, Ella F Cole, Sara C Keen, Ben C Sheldon & Damien R Farine
14:45 Environmental conditions affect social connections and community structure in wild songbirds
  Ettore Camerlenghi & Damien R Farine
15:00 Development of social profiles in young ravens (Corvus corax): Consistency despite demographic and rearing differences
  Palmyre H. Boucherie, Christian Blum & Thomas Bugnyar
15:15 Indirect effects of an extended social environment on affiliative social decisions
  Kasha Strickland & Celine Frere
15:30 Afternoon coffee break
16:00 Agonistic interactions drive leadership by subordinates in wild vulturine guineafowl
  Danai Papageorgiou & Damien Farine
16:15 Sex, food and sociality: individual traits predict foraging success consistently across different environments in the wild
  Lysanne Snijders, Ralf HJM Kurvers, Stefan Krause & Jens Krause
16:30 Why be nice to strangers: the case of bonobos and the first impression hypothesis
  Jingzhi Tan, Dan Ariely & Brian Hare
16:45 Conference summary
  Dustin Rubenstein
17:15 Departure shuttle bus
Farewell party