List of invited plenary speakers & suggested topics


Socially complex systems

HalWhitehead   KarenKapheim   Jennifer Fewell  
Hal Whitehead (Dalhousie, CAN)
Social complexity in cetaceans
  Karen Kapheim (Utah State, USA)
Sociogenomics of insect social complexity
  Jennifer Fewell (ASU, USA)
Division of labour and social complexity in ants
Gerald Wilkinson          
Gerald Wilkinson (Maryland, USA)
Social complexity in bats



Patterns and processes

DamienfFarine   CharlotteHemelrijk   ThoreBergman
Damien Farine (Konstanz, D)
Social networks and social complexity
  Charlotte Hemelrijk (Groningen, NL)
Self-organisation and social complexity
  Thore Bergman (Michigan, USA)
Communication and social complexity


SueHealy   ThomasBugnya   FilippoAureli
Sue Healy (St. Andrews, UK)
Cognition, brain size and social complexity
  Thomas Bugnyar (Wien, A)
Complex cognition and sociality
  Filippo Aureli (Veracruz, MEX)
Behavioral mechanisms underlying social complexity

Evolution of social complexity

SusanneShultz   EmiliaMartins   DustinRubenstein
Susanne Shultz (Manchester, UK)
Evolution of social complexity in primates
  Emilia Martins (Indiana, USA)
Phylogenies and social complexity
  Dustin Rubenstein (Columbia, USA)
Evolutionary functions of social complexity

Dimensions of human social complexity

SergeyGavrilets   RuthMace   CarelvanSchaik
Sergey Gavrilets (Tennessee, USA)
Evolution of human social complexity
  Ruth Mace (UCL, UK)
Ecology of human social complexity
  Carel van Schaik (Zürich, CH)
Evolution of cultural complexity